Financial Aid

Welcome to EPS 90, a check conversion and guaranty service with a 90-day, no credit check, in-house payment plan. Designed for today's economy, EPS 90 allows merchants to accept payments from their customers via ACH over a 90 day period.

This program gives customers the ability to make the purchases they need or want today, but gives them the option to pay over a 90 day period. Customers without enough funds in their wallets today walk away with the products they want or the services they need today. By offering this no credit check service with a simple and easy re-payment plan, your business has the advantage. This service works for industries across the board. Whether it is automotive, medical or any other retail service, EPS 90 is your solution.

Click here to download the EPS Payment Authorization Application

Fax or email your completed form to:
Fax: 678-805-4743    Email: contactus@laureattemedicalinstitute.com


Career and Technical College Tuition

Paramount Capital offers financing for programs ranging from short term certification programs to financing full degree programs and continuing education. Paramount Capital Group's underwriting and funding process is quite simple and direct. Once approved as a client, our online application is uncomplicated, extremely user-friendly, and completely secure. Whether your borrower is submitted for underwriting or for the servicing of your loans, the same convenient and user-friendly application is used.

Paramount's Flex-underwriting process allows us to approve loans not just based on a score, but the dynamics within the credit file which drive that score. With Paramount, you'll experience higher approval rates and more aggressive pricing for those approvals.

Corporate Sponsorís Private Donor Scholarship Program

Laureatte Medical Institute Private Donor Program- Benefactors will receive an Acknowledgement Letter for full tax compensation contributed towards scholarships.

will be given a choice as to whether they would like to use cash for donations or cosign the studentís repayment plan as a personal guarantor.

If students should default on loans the Acknowledgement Letter will be given to benefactors regardless of the outcome of student loans, In order to protect our benefactorís   and school Integrity.

Benefactors will also be asked to be on a panel for discussion with students on the Relationship between good business practices and community development.

Benefactors will also receive an honorary seat on Laureateís Annual Advisory Board to further facilitate successful program implementation for our student.


For more information and/or questions, send us an email: contactus@laureattemedicalinstitute.com