About Us

We are proud of our track record: 5 years of educating health care professionals, hundreds of students success stories and changing lives every day. And we are thrilled to have taken our mission of educating medical students to a new level. Our online programs offer the same rigorous curriculum as classroom courses but students benefit from the flexibility and freedom of earning their certifications while maintaining their professional and personal commitments.

By enrolling in Laureatte’s online programs students can pursue thriving careers within the healthcare sector. Healthcare is a very rewarding field with endless job opportunities. According to statistics, the demand for medical professionals is going to increase tremendously in the near future. This is why enrolling in programs offered by Laureate Medical Training can lead students to lucrative careers. There are a number of programs offered by Laureate Medical Training that prepare students to take on different jobs within the healthcare industry.

ALL programs include externships and CPR/FIRST Aid Training to assist you in getting hands-on training experience in your career field of study.

All CPR/First Aid cards are good for two years. Cards are required before entering Externship. Below you will find a sample card:


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