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 Real-Estate Investor Services

Whether you're a first time investor, a seasoned veteran or an equity fund, Investors' Choice Property Management Group (ICPMG) can help you identify, locate, negotiate, close, rehab, lease, and manage houses intelligently in the Atlanta market, and you can benefit from our 8 years of mistakes and successes. Our company owners have bought several houses for their own account and placed over 150 with investors.

Investors' Choice Property Management works with licensed real estate professionals, our company focus for the past 8 years has been non-owner occupied investment homes.

5 ways ICPMG can help Investors and Landlords:

1. Acquisitions Services

Owners of ICPMG have been buying houses in Atlanta for over 30 years. We understand better than most the ins and outs of buying houses in this market. We can help you develop a profitable model, identify the best locations and inventory suitable for your profile. In addition, we can assist you in purchasing foreclosures, bank owned, listed, short sales, or for sale by owner.

Identify your investment model
Many investors want to own rental property but haven't clearly identified their model, objective, or financial priorities and need help defining what type of property best fits their objectives. We've assisted small investors, equity funds, foreign clients, rehabbers, hands-off long term investors, syndications, and asset managers in this evaluation process. Our perspective has been shaped by hundreds of clients over the years and our goal is to help you think through your options. We'll listen to your ideas and help you identify the slice of the Atlanta market that will best fit your financial model.

Whether you're looking to buy $50,000 or $300,000 houses, we can help with identifying the right location and acquisition strategy for your specific model. We can help identify where the best cash flow is, where the best appreciation will be, what parts of Atlanta will work for your model and where to locate the best inventory of those houses you feel will accomplish your unique investment strategy.

Identify sources of available inventory
ICPMG has the knowledge and experience to help identify how to locate the properties you're looking for. We have staff that know every part of Atlanta and can help locate the properties just right for your portfolio.

Methods of making offers
Whether you're looking to buy at foreclosure auction, through the MLS service, from REO asset managers or directly from the seller we can help identify the best method of making offers.

Note: Occasionally investors have chosen traditional sales brokers to handle the acquisitions and just need someone to help with quality control, i.e., rental comps, areas of town to avoid, HOA leasing rules, etc. While a traditional real estate broker may be able to provide you with options that look good on paper, often times we find that many do not fully understand property management enough to know what looks good on paper may not always play out in real life. Remember, knowing what not to buy is just as important as knowing what to buy. If you're not careful all your precious cash flow may evaporate into reality and your sales broker may not be around to share in your stress. That is why you should partner with crown when investing in the Atlanta market.

Assist with contracts to closing
We have systems and staff trained at making offers, managing the due-diligence issues, getting rehab quotes, coordinating with legal counsel, and walking you through the actual closing process. We have a 20 year relationship with attorneys that specialize in representing investors in the buying of foreclosures, REO properties and normal MLS listings.

Note: Be careful letting your sales agent be your sole representative at a closing, especially when the closing attorney represents the seller.

Assist with Foreclosures
We can help you think through the research and monthly bidding process for buying houses at the courthouse steps. We've bought many at the foreclosure auction and can help identify the systems, staff and processes you need to put this purchasing strategy in place.

Assist with post foreclosure (Intake) process
Often you'll secure homes that have been vacant or have occupants (past owners or tenants) to deal with. We have the systems in place to deal with evictions, renter's claims, cash for keys, conversions to tenants and the litigation that often occurs when foreclosures are disputed by the owner.

Assist with post acquisition
Often there are issues to deal with after you secure a property that need local boots on the ground including such things as re-keying, trash out, securing utilities, termite bonds, pest control, punch-lists, yard maintenance, installing lock boxes, dealing with hostile Homeowner's Associations, past owners, past tenants and disgruntled neighbors. We can do it all or let you select which service you need. Over the years we've negotiated great prices from local vendors and can pass these savings onto you or your group.

2. Rehab and Contractor Services

Often houses are bought in poor condition and need rehab work before leasing. Unless the property is move-in ready, you will need assistance getting it in good shape to lease in a competitive market. In our experience, it is ideal to have one company managing the transition from acquisition to rent ready for marketing. We have all the renovation services needed to do rehabs of any size. We'll get the bids, get your approval and then manage the money and the job. We typically manage $1.4M to $1.7M of rehab and maintenance work each year so we have the bidding and execution process down pat. You can get us involved during the due-diligence period to get a handle on what it will take to make it rentable. If you prefer to handle this on your own we would be happy to help with a punch list after you secure the property.

3. Leasing and Managing Services

ICPMG's reputation and track record in metro Atlanta is impeccable. Our core competence has been leasing and managing for over three decades. We lease homes quickly (see 30 day guarantee) by harnessing the best advertising, co-oping with other brokers and qualifying tenants swiftly (but diligently). Our policies, procedures, documents and forms set the industry standard equipping us to manage your properties with confidence; profitable and by the book.

4. Exit Strategies

Lease Purchase
One of the best exit strategies we mastered over the last 8 years is Lease Purchase. We have made plenty of mistakes and have learned how to structure them properly so they get closed. We have done them for private investors, banks, lenders, REIT's, builders and other brokers. We teach seminars on Lease Purchase and get rave reviews from licensed and unlicensed landlords on our materials and expertise. A lease purchase is a very profitable exit strategy because it saves on closing costs, eliminates vacancy expenses and maximize profits.

Package for resale to equity markets
If your strategy is to package houses for REIT's or equity pools you'll need good records and lots of data for preparing your portfolio to resell. We know what that looks like and can help you package blocks of houses to move to other investment pools.

Retail Sales
Our agents are members of the local MLS service ICPMG and have has sold houses for investors for 8 years. We have access to fully trained licensed agents  to handle every detail of the transaction.

5. Additional Suite of Services

There are several other services ICPMG can provide that may be helpful to investors.

International Investor Support Services
If you are an international investor we can help with forming a Limited Liability Company, local mail drop, paying taxes, insurance and HOA dues, bank relationships, Tax ID numbers and all the services you need to buy and hold real estate in the US.

Title Holding Strategies
If you need strategies to become an invisible owner we know what to do. We've been training title holding strategies for 15 years and understand the issues better than most attorneys.

Tax Free Exchange
US taxes can be painful on real estate profits if you pay them. The tax code offers some techniques to not pay them and we can help you think through the alternatives.

Investor Financing
The investor financing options are constantly changing and we generally know who is offering the best non-owner occupied loans, even for LLC-owned homes and international investors.

Short Sales
Some of the best buys are from owners that are upside down with their mortgages. They may take more time but they can also be very profitable. We have the system and attorney specialist in place to help you capture these bargains.