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Truck Driver Training Options with Driver's Choice

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One size does not fit all. That’s why Armour's Helping Hands (AHH) has chosen the Driver Solutions Driver’s Choice CDL Training program to help new drivers get the truck driver training they need from a reputable truck driving school.

The Driver’s Choice tuition plans allow you to choose the CDL training option that best fit your situation. It’s the most innovative and flexible tuition option ever offered in the transportation industry. For instance, how much money would you like to earn in your first year? With Driver’s Choice, you will be able to choose how much per mile you will get paid! And that’s just the beginning…

Potential 1st Yr Pay
Sign-On Bonus
Down Payment


Potential 1st Yr Pay
Sign-On Bonus
Down Payment


Potential 1st Yr Pay
Sign-On Bonus
Down Payment


Team Driver Mileage Pay

AHH  also offers OTR team driving opportunities. Team driving pay rates are slightly different than the solo driver rates displayed above. Team truck drivers are paid on all miles the truck runs; not just the individual driven miles.

Employment Contract Options

Company-paid truck driving school training requires the driver to agree to a specific employment contract – meaning you will remain a driver for the trucking company for a specific amount of time, like 12 months. With the Driver’s Choice options, you can determine the length of time you will commit to work for your sponsoring trucking company. It could be 12 months, or no specific commitment at all. It’s your choice!

Qualify Regardless of Credit History

You can qualify for this company-sponsored CDL training program regardless of your credit history. But there can be benefits to providing a down payment for your tuition. In the Down Payment section, you can determine the amount of money required to start your training for each program option. And you make those decisions based on your current finances. You might select $0 down – or pay for your entire training. It’s totally up to you!

A Customized Solution for Your CDL Training

With Driver’s Choice, you can create and customize a tuition and CDL training program that specifically fits your needs. There’s nothing else like it in the trucking industry! To get started, simply review the Basic, Classic and Premier options. Each program has unique benefits – and one of them will be perfect for you.

Always a Pre-Arranged Truck Driving Job Opportunity

Remember, Driver Solutions is the recognized leader in truck driver recruitment and company-sponsored truck driver training. Our goal is to place you into a great-paying new trucking career in as little as 3 weeks. Before you begin the truck driver training, Driver Solutions will qualify your application for a great entry-level trucking job with a Driver Solutions Network trucking company.

$1,200 Sign-On Bonus

For a limited time, AHH is providing a sign-on bonus for all new drivers that complete the company-sponsored CDL training program. To take advantage of the $1,200 sign-on bonus, you must begin the truck driving school during the eligible training period. Consult with your driver agent after you apply for details

Over the Road Training Pay

After completing the CDL training at a truck driving school, new AHH truck drivers will report to AHH  for company orientation and over-the-road (OTR) training. This is paid on-the-job training as they continue to “learn the ropes” of becoming a truck driver. During this time, student drivers are paid a salary of $300 per week until training is completed and the student driver is upgraded to a "first seat" driver.

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The CDL Training Process - What to Expect

The definition of CDL training is standard – it’s the process of learning how to drive a tractor-trailer. Understanding what to expect from the CDL training and how the process works is the key to getting the most from your training. The Driver Solutions CDL training program teaches inexperienced drivers all aspects of the professional truck driver job. So while attending truck driving school, student drivers experience training that includes:

  • CDL permit requirements and testing

  • keeping accurate driver logs,

  • reading maps and the trucker atlas,

  • trip planning,

  • Driving skills and techniques.

The Driver Solutions program does more than just teach you how to drive a semi. We teach you the skills needed for a well-paying, professional truck driving career. It begins in the classroom where you’ll prepare for the state-administered CDL permit exams, learn how the parts and systems of the truck help you drive, and how to identify safety concerns during a pre-trip inspection of the truck.

You will put the classroom knowledge to practical use on the driving range and finally during on-the-street training. The driving range provides a wide-open area for hands-on instruction with ample room to practice turning and backing skills. Once the driving range skills are mastered, you’ll use those skills to operate the truck on the nearby streets and highways with your professional driving instructor seated next to you.

When you successfully complete the three phases of the CDL training, you’ll be ready for state-required CDL skills test to obtain your Class A CDL license.


CDL School - Length of CDL Training Course

A big diesel engine with a 10 speed transmission attached to a 53’ long trailer…Can you really learn to drive that big rig in just 3 to 4 weeks? You bet you can!

The Driver Solutions program has been designed to allow an inexperienced driver to start his new trucking career as quickly as possible. Our training program keeps your gears moving with an interactive classroom and hands-on experience behind the wheel. The effective combination of teaching allows you to complete the training quickly and get to work. When you have completed the truck driving school portion of the CDL training, paid on-the-job, over-the-road training allows you to polish your driving skills alongside your driver trainer.


Truck Driver Training

Details matter when it comes to truck driver training. Sure, Uncle Fred can take you out on the back roads in his ’78 Kenworth and show you how to shift some gears, but that’s only part of the education that a truck driver needs. Successful trucking careers begin with quality CDL training from a reputable truck driving school. The trucking schools in the Driver Solutions Network offer a proven method training program for truck drivers. The program includes a mix of classroom, driving range instruction, and on-the-street driving experience. The details matter when it comes to your safety and the safety of those you share the road with.




The CDL training classroom hosts an interactive presentation which introduces the systems and components of the truck, as well as the regulations and methods for logging and trip planning. The driving range puts you behind the wheel to practice low speed driving maneuvers such as turning, backing, and gear shifting. There’s more to driving a big rig than shifting gears and eating in the truck stops. Quality CDL training helps produce safety conscious, professional truck drivers.

Trucking is a career that offers a lifetime of opportunities for well-trained, safety conscious drivers.

What Does Driver Solutions Truck Driver Training Include?

To comply with the standards of The Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act of 1986, Driver Solutions offers a comprehensive truck driver training program which consists of both classroom and behind the wheel training. In the classroom, future professional truck drivers learn about the procedures and techniques to safely operated a tractor trailer. Truck drivers must also be aware of the laws that govern operating a commercial motor vehicle and proper log book practices. The third phase of classroom instruction includes practical training on map reading and trip planning.

Behind the wheel time consists of just that – time spent behind the wheel of a late model tractor trailer combination applying the driving techniques discussed in the classroom. Student truck drivers learn and master the turning, backing and shifting skills on a large, private driving range. Once a student driver has gained the experience and confidence of the driving range skills, the student and driving instructor proceed with street training to polish and hone the student’s skills in real world situations.

All of this training is conducted in preparation of the student’s CDL skills test where the future truck driver must demonstrate one's knowledge of the truck's condition through a pre-trip inspection and complete a set of driving skills administered by a certified CDL examiner.

Getting a CDL

To be eligible to legally drive a tractor-trailer, you must hold a Class A CDL license. Anyone who meets the FMCSA requirements for a commercial driver’s license can get a CDL by simply passing the CDL permit and CDL skills test, but it takes more than that to prove to potential employers (the trucking companies) that you are a safe, well prepared driver. To become a professional, skilled truck driver, you should attend a state-approved truck driving school. A CDL training class from an approved school will teach you the knowledge and skills you need to know to become a safe, well-rounded truck driver.

CDL Training - Behind the Wheel and Classroom Instruction

During CDL training, you should be taught proper logging routines, trip planning & map reading, HazMat regulations, accident prevention, and safety & mechanical issues. Sure, your uncle Mac can teach you how to shift the gears and turn the truck, but chances are he won’t teach you what the trucking companies want you to know…all the skills and techniques you need to know to be a safe and professional truck driver.

To be an all-around safety conscious, professional truck driver, you will need to attend a formal CDL training program at a respected truck driving school. The Driver Solutions program addresses both how to get a CDL license and how to get your career in trucking started. Let our company-paid training program put you on the road to success with a CDL and a great truck driving job.